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Hire an Instructor

Curling.SkillsHello and welcome to The Instructor Team page!

The Instructor Team is a passionate group of OCC Member curlers who are trained to help others learn the sport of Curling in a fun and safe way.

If you are looking for ways to improve your curling game, the Instructor Team can help you with brushing mechanics, weight judgment, stick delivery, stabilizer delivery, weight control, strategy and tactics, communication, team dynamics, and all other facets of the game!

Instruction is available through various private and group programs. These include private lessons (individual & group), clinics (member, public, & office), Youth Programs, Learn to Curl programs, summer curling camps, Special Olympics, open houses, and corporate rentals.

All Instructors are registered with the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). Our goal is to help curlers of any age and level become the best they can be.

If you need more information, please contact the Instructor Coordinator.

The Instructor Team is looking for new members!

Please read the new-member requirements here and send an email to Instructor Coordinator if you are interested.

Rick Brady
Rick BradyNCCP# 5662624
Marg Byrne
Marg ByrneNCCP# 5662622
Helen Garside
Helen GarsideNCCP# 5858363
Monta Johnson
Monta JohnsonNCCP# 6255085
Karen Lalonde
Karen LalondeNCCP# 73679
Heather MacTavish
Heather MacTavishNCCP# 6162443
Marjorie McArthur
Marjorie McArthurNCCP# 1054652
Delores McCallum
Delores McCallumNCCP# 1141131
Tim McChesney
Tim McChesneyNCCP# 5853438
Bridget Ribau
Bridget RibauNCCP# 5627928
Rebecca Schorr
Rebecca SchorrNCCP# 6162439
Helen Stephenson
Helen StephensonNCCP# 6017732
Danny Sugimoto
Danny SugimotoNCCP# 5646697

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