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Mural Design Challenge

Oakville Curling Club Mural Design Challenge

The Oakville Curling Club (OCC) is thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with Sheridan College’s Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design (FAAD), recognized for its innovation, creativity, and artistic excellence, to establish the Oakville Curling Club Mural Design Challenge

The goals of the challenge are to:

  • enrich the experience of members & visitors through engaging murals. 
  • further OCC's mission to support local community student development by providing Sheridan FAAD students a real-world venue & opportunity to showcase their talents. 

Opened December 11, 2023, Sheridan FAAD student are to submit a series of visually engaging artwork reflecting important elements of the sport and the Oakville Curling Club:

  • Curling Heritage: References to the history, tradition, and legacy of curling, highlighting its significance within the community.
  • Community Spirit: The artwork should embody the sense of community and camaraderie that exists within the club and the wider local Oakville community.
  • Diversity and Inclusivity: Reflect the community's diverse demographics and promote inclusivity by incorporating imagery that represents different cultures/countries, abilities, ages, and genders.

Entries will be accepted until March 2024 and finalists will be presented to the membership at that time. The winner will be announced in April 2024 with a prize presentation ceremony. The artwork will be transferred to larger murals and hung on four selected walls within the ice shed along with artistic credit & recognition.

Through the National Sports Trust Fund (NSTF), a project has been established to accept individual donations towards this initiative – further details below.

To contact the Challenge by eMail: [email protected]

Additional Links & Documents

National Sports Trust Fund Donations (NSTF)

Through the National Sports Trust Fund (NSTF), the OCC 2024 Capital Project / Mural Design Challenge project accepts donations that will be used towards the prize award, mural creation, and arena/ice shed installation.

Donations over $10.00 are eligible for a tax receipt. In appreciation, donor names will appear here and, donations at the levels indicated below, donor names will be included alongside the arena murals.

  • 12 Foot:               $150 & above
  • 8 Foot:                 $250 & above
  • 4 Foot:                 $500 & above
  • Button:                $1,000 & above

Donations will be accepted until the project reaches it target goal or closure date (December 2024). Members are reminded that all donations are voluntary without any conditions, no benefit will accrue nor will not reduce any obligation due to the donation.

muraldesign qrcode logo 200To donate, follow this link or scan the QR code. This will take you to the NSTF project description.

  1. Click the Donate Today
  2. On the subsequent page, select the Oakville Curling Club as the Organization Name. The Project Name and Number should automatically fill as follows.
    MuralDesign NSTF
  1. Enter required information to submit your donation.  NOTE: Use the I wish to remain anonymous feature if you do not wish to have your name appear on this site or in the ice shred.

Once again, we thank all donors in advance for their consideration with this initiative and for their thoughtful contributions.