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Instructors Co-op: New Members

Team Membership, Participation & Qualifications

The instructor team are life long learners. They are a self-managed group of individuals that works closely with the Club’s General Manager and curling administrative staff to provide instruction. The selection and recruitment of instructors is the responsibility of the Instructor Team and its leadership. Should instructors also wish to Coach a team, they will do so on their own terms as Coaching is not the responsibility of the Instructor Team.

A. Members

Depending on demand, the Instructor team will comprise up to 20 qualified, members in good standing of the Oakville Curling Club. The team is responsible for the identification, selection and recruitment of instructors that meet the qualifications set forth in Item B. Participating instructors are expected to uphold the standards and principles of the group, to maintain their qualifications and to fulfill their commitments. Failure to do will be taken as an indication that the member is no longer interested in being an instructor and will be excused from team.

B. Qualifications

Given the variety of individual needs that might exist from beginner to advanced, the instructor team will be comprised of a mix of skill and qualification levels to ensure we provide the appropriate mix in terms of both quality and quantity.

I. Technical skills – as a minimum, each instructor must have successfully completed Club Coach or Club Coach Youth training as provided by Ontario Curling Association; have an active NCCP registration and fulfilled the requirements necessary to maintain active status. In lieu of these minimum requirements, participation as a member of the Instructor team may also be earned on the basis of a minimum of 10 years of progressive curling experience and competitive accomplishment.

II. Strategic Skills

  • Basic – having met the minimum Technical Skill requirements as set out in Section BI, all instructors are expected to have the competency to provide basic strategic skill training / advice as provided in the Curling Council’s Club Coach curriculum.
  • Advanced – in order to provide advanced strategy training and advice, an instructor must meet the following minimum requirements: 
    • a. certification as a Competition Coach or higher and/or
    • b. a minimum of 5 years as a Skip at what is deemed to be a “competitive / advanced” level of curling in Club leagues or Curling Council (formerly OCA) competitions

III. Other - each instructor must have a current Police Clearance Certificate on file with the club and a current certificate of First Aid training (EAD) or equivalent First Aid qualifications (e.g. – occupation as nurse, doctor, EMS, etc.)

IV. Interpersonal Skills – in additional to the certification requirements referenced in the foregoing, OCC instructors must possess good verbal and listening skills, be energetic and enthusiastic, have a positive, patient disposition and generally be good ambassadors for the Club, the sport of Curling and other instructors.