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We had a full set of eight divisions this year. Thanks to everyone for a great curling season.

Congratulations to our winners and finalists!

A Division

Event Winners:

  • MCLAREN, Ken
  • RAMIER, Greg
  • RAMIER, Jacquie

Runners Up:

  • FOSTER, Scott
  • FOSTER, Melissa
  • ENRIGHT, Doug
  • ANGLE, Shari

B Division

B-Division Winners-

  • LEACH, Ken
  • VAN DER KROON, Cheryl
  • LEIER, Dan
  • LEIER, Karen
  • GARSIDE, Barry

Runners Up-

  • KUDLIK, Eric
  • VIVIAN, Leslee
  • BOBBIE, Brian
  • ZID ROONEY, Angela

 C Division

C-Division Winners-

  • LINDSAY, James
  • LINDSAY, Cynthia
  • SMITH, Colin
  • SMITH, Stephanie

Runners Up-

  • CORKUM, Hector
  • MCCARTHY, Doug
  • CORKUM, Mary-Jo

 D Division

D-Division Winners-

  • TURNER, Allan
  • TITE, Wendy
  • INOUE, Justin
  • BEKAR, Jessica

Runners Up-

  • HANSULD, Randy
  • HANSULD, Danielle
  • WEBSTER, Bruce
  • WEBSTER, Jody

 E Division

E-Division Winners-

  • MITCHELL, Karl
  • HARRISON, Cindy
  • HARRISON, Timothy
  • MITCHELL, Susan

Runners Up-

  • MACTAVISH, Heather
  • MCCREADY, Duncan
  • BOIVIN, Johanne
  • With the help of James Francolini

 F Division

F-Division Winners-

  • INNES, Chris
  • INNES, Catherine

Runners Up-

  • MALAYNY, Edward
  • VAN BURGSTEDEN, Patricia
  • MALAYNY, Tanya
  • With John Rossi at the helm

 G Division

G-Division Winners-

  • DONAHUE, Riley
  • TRAINOR, Nancy
  • POLAK, Randy
  • O'NEILL, Eileen

Runners Up-

  • STEWART, Ron
  • KURGAN, Patti
  • KURGAN, John
  • STEWART, Wendy

 H Division

H-Division Winners-

  • PIKE, David
  • PIKE, Maureen
  • BETTS, Bob
  • BETTS, Gail

Runners Up-

  • BISHOP, Steve
  • BISHOP, Sharon
  • OLMSTED, Paul
  • OLMSTED, Sandra


I wanted to call out Jacquie Ramier for an extremely successful year at the Oakville Curling Club.

She won three leagues this season.

  • Wednesday Night Ladies
  • Weekend Mixed
  • Women’s Monday Ladder League

Congratulations Jacquie!!

A reminder that the Annual General Meeting will be held late June/early July; dependent on the completion of the audit of the Club’s financial statements. Invitation and registration details will be sent as further updates become available – please watch for these emails over the coming month.

As the season closes, I’d like to take this opportunity to exercise my presidential prerogative and deliver an “Oscar awards” thank-you to many of the behind-the-scenes individuals; if I’ve forgotten someone, I apologize.

On behalf of the Board, heartfelt thanks to:

  • the fulltime, bar, ice and IT support staff for their unwavering commitment. Given the challenges of this season (late start, new GM search, etc.), this group of dedicated and, more admirably, friendly individuals made this a truly enjoyable curling season.
  • to the league conveners and bonspiel organizers who successfully ran so many wonderful leagues and events this shortened season; won’t be able to forget being serenaded by Monday Night karaoke during the Board meetings.
  • to the Youth and Learn 2 Curl instructors whose efforts have revitalized and attracted many new enthusiastic members to the Club as it recovers from the pandemic shutdowns.
  • the Renovations and Finance committees, who, through their dedication, completed the floor renovation and continue their work this off-season to complete the outstanding items.
  • the HR Committee, and in particular our non-Board volunteer, Shari Angle, who rose to the occasion and made OCC fortunate enough to attract, select and hire Ian Tetley as the new GM.
  • the newly formed Accessibility and Governance Committees for their ongoing work to ensure the Club’s compliance to ever changing provincial laws & regulations.
  • And most of all, to you the members without whom this season’s successes wouldn’t have been possible. The pandemic years saw membership fall to around 660 but this year, over 170 new and post-pandemic curlers joined or returned to the Club. This commitment to the game, and more importantly, to the Club has highlighted the sense of community each of you share and has proven to the staff & volunteers that their efforts have been worthwhile and well received.

In closing and on behalf of the Board, we wish you a happy off-season and look forward to seeing you next season. For those who can’t wait until October, Summer League has returned (spoiler – the Club’s rocks are being reprofiled during the off-season, so Summer League gives you an opportunity to practice with them before the start of the regular season).

Women’s Day Ladder Winners- Janet Murphy, Mary St. James, Jacquie Ramier, Mary McDonald
MLL A Champs

Runners Up-Mary Anne Carson, Cynthia Quigley, Louise Koyanagi, Patricia Hooper


B-Division Winners- Sheri Wasik, Carolyn Wilson, Sue Makin, KJ Terry, Brenda Ulbikas

Runners Up- Ann McCarthy, Sue Crompton, Jo Etherington, Mary-Jo Corkum


C-Division Winners- Jennifer Aziz, Lorraine Fedurco, Diane Ruygrok, Eileen O’Neill

Runners Up- Anna-Maria D’Allessandro, Katherine Tousaw, Judy Edwards, Debra Seago


Executive Committee for Women’s Day Curling 2023-24
MLL Executive




Hot Shots Adult Curling Camp

Hot Shots LOGO BlueGrey 2016 1 copy 1 copyThe HOT SHOTS Curling Camp has been proud to call the Oakville Curling Club our Canadian home for almost two decades. 

The camp draws curlers from across the United States, Ontario and Quebec to this beautiful facility. This is an adult camp, open to individuals, couples, and teams.

We now have another season in the books. Click HERE to see the final bracket results for our ladder. My newly hired photographer (thank you very much, Ian) took the winning team photos. Also, Ian captured on video the final A level winning shot which propelled D'Arcy Reid's team into the championship. Check out our Men's Photo/Video Gallery

Congratulations to all the winners! I!

I also want to thank Casey for helping with the setup (and inspiration) for our food centerpieces on Thursday.

I hope to see you all in the fall, but in the meantime, keep it on the short grass!

So, Wed Night the WNL's had our season play-off finals. We had four great games, and they were watched by a full house of cheerleaders (over a 100), and a few behind the glass skips. Everyone was also able to enjoy some sweet and savoury light fare.

Our Division Champions are:

WNL 2022 23 D Winners
D - Joyce Fraser, Leah Barker, Katie Lonsdale

WNL 2022 23 C Winners
C - Janice Fendley, Nancy Trainor, Diane MacLeod, Heather MacTavish

WNL 2022 23 B Winners
B - Sarah Sils, Cara Sproat, Cindy Hawley, Cathy Bruttrum, Joanne MacMaster

WNL 2022 23 A Winners
and our A Champions - Janet Murphy, Sarah Reid, Jacquie Ramier, Victoria Swystun.

Congratulations to all.

Hope everyone has a great summer and see you all in the fall.

Submitted by Evelyn Gowan, WNL Games Convenor

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and apologize to our Thursday evening members who were inconvenienced last evening. We had a very unusual circumstance happen and we stuck out a hand to help those that have patronized us for the last 11 years. The Kurl for Kids (K4K) annual event was having its pre-event banquet at the Holiday Inn Oakville, where all the celebrity skips get matched up with their respective teams. As well, the top fund raisers are recognized for their unselfish dedication to raise funds for the Sandra Schmirler Foundation. This event, single handedly, has raised over $3 million dollars for neo natal research and development.

Unfortunately, there was a fire at the Holiday Inn just as their banquet was about to start. The whole hotel had to be evacuated while the six trucks attended to the laundry fire.

Bill Garner, the convenor of the event, called me and asked if there was anyway, they could come to the Oakville Curling Club. In a heartbeat our answer was yes. It was a refuge for all their participants to come to an environment where they feel welcome and comfortable.

It was chaos in the lounge just after 8pm. 140 unexpected guests joining the 64 men coming off the early draw and 64 men arriving for their evening draw. The line-up was deep. We even had convenors and directors offering to assist at the bar. Which is what I love about this club...people willing to assist in a moments notice.

Yes, yours truly donned an apron and started slinging beers. We did our absolute best to make up for an unfortunate situation.

I would like to thank our bartenders, Lisa and Stephanie, for being resilient and enduring what was supposed to be a fairly routine Thursday night. This will go down in the laurels of cool things that have happened in this club.

Thank you again to all the Thursday Night Men’s members that had to wait a little longer to get their pre and post-game beverages.

Good curling to all.

Ian Tetley
General Manager|Oakville Curling Club

wnl1Come out and join your fellow Wednesday Night Friends to enjoy some Sweet & Savoury Light Fare and Cheer on this year’s Finalists
Wednesday April 26th
6:30 – 10:00 pm
All games start at 6:40 pm
Prizes and Trophy Presentations at 9:30 pm

Tickets - $10.00 – available from the Nell Van Ymeren Team and Norma Discenza

In case there wasn’t reason to watch the 2023 World Men’s Curling Championship in Ottawa …

ian1ian2In June 2022, the World Curling Federation announced it’s 2022 Hall of Fame inductees. As a winner of three Briers and three World Championships, Oakville Curling Club’s Ian Tetley was named as one of five award recipients. Ian’s World Championships remain unique to this day as he did it playing second for three different teams: Hackner (‘85), Werenich (‘90) & Middaugh (‘98). Ian even has a 1993 Ice Hot International Curling Card (#65 – see right).

On Sunday April 9th, 2023, during the Gold medal game’s 5th end break, Ian will be officially presented with his Hall of Fame award. If you’re in Ottawa at the game or watching from home (scheduled 4:00pm EST start time), join the rest of the OCC Community in proudly watching the recognition of this remarkable career and curler!

Follow this link to the World Curling Federation’s announcement - another wonderful picture of Ian from days past.

2023 Pointsbet Email Graphic
A one-of-a-kind, tension-packed curling event that gives players and fans new ways to enjoy curling is headed to Southern Ontario.

The second annual PointsBet Invitational will be played Sept. 27-Oct. 1 at the Sixteen Mile Sports Complex. Sixteen men’s and sixteen women’s teams from Canada will take part in the competition, chasing a prize purse in excess of $350,000 in a sudden-death single-knockout format.
Here’s a look at what is available:

  • Full Event Package ($220-250): A single ticket to every draw of the PointsBet Invitational.
  • Weekend Package ($100 - $120): A single ticket to both Final Four and Championship Final draws.
  • Weekday Package ($40 - $50): A single ticket to two draws on either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday’s Sweep 16 and Elite Eight draws. 

*All ticket packages are subject to standard facility and ticket service fees. 


We received the following inspirational email from the parent of OCC junior member Christopher Oka.

Hi Ian,

My son, Christopher Oka, curling lead for Team Rooney, just made it as Team Ontario 2 at U21 Nationals.

Christopher started lessons at the OCC when he was 10, and spent many hours over the years there with lessons, practice ice, training with Delores, Danny, Marg Byrne, and many other amazing club instructors. 

We thought some of the club members might want to see how great your youth curling is!

I've attached the front of the postcard the boys will be handing out to the other players.

Ruth Wentzell

NATIONALS postcard