On this Weekend - Mixed League Playoffs

OCC.Olympic.Try.CurlingYou have been cheering from your couch, now come Try the Olympic Sport of Curling at our house! 

3 Introductory Sessions Available:

  • Sunday February 25th:  9am-10:30am
  • Saturday March 3rd:  11am - 12:30pm
  • Saturday March 3rd:  1pm - 2:30pm

$25. per person (ages 8+)

Click on 'Read More' below for more details and links to Register!

*Registration in Advance required - limited spots available.*

Hurrrrrrrrrrry HARD to join us today!

Have you been waiting for the opportunity to find out what all the fuss about Curling is about!?
..or what all the yelling is about?
Then come join us!
No experience necessary - just the courage to try something new.
Taught by certified instructors.
We will start off the ice with an overview of how to play, followed by 1-hour of hands on experience on-ice, followed by beverages and snacks included post-curling!
What to wear:
Clothing:  You need warmth, and ease of movement, so we recommend:
  • Layers of clothing, which you can remove as you warm-up, e.g. a t-shirt, sweat-top, and/or fleece
  • Loose fitting pants e.g. jogging, yoga, or running pants (NOT jeans)
  • Fabrics which won't shed fibers/fluff onto the ice surface
  • Gloves with texture/anti-slip palms
  • Warm socks
Footwear:  Ice is a very slippery surface. 
  • Choose warm, soft-rubber-soled shoes of any variety
  • if you plan to wear trainers, check that the soles are RUBBER, and not a synthetic composition
  • Check that the soles of your shoes are totally clean (wash with soap and water and let dry thoroughly)
  • Even tiny pieces of dirt can damage the ice playing surface
  • Don't borrow a friend's curling shoes just yet!


  • Helmets are mandatory for participants 8-11 years of age
  • Helmets are strongly recommended for all guests 12+ years of age
Waiver: Required for participation - to be completed at the Club on the day of the event.
Refund Policy: Full refund will be issued up to 72 hours prior to program start date. 
Refund requests must be submitted in writing HERE
Session 1
Dates: Sunday February 25th
Time: 9am - 11am
Price: $25 (includes HST)

Register for Session 1

Session 2
Dates: Saturday March 3rd
Time: 11am - 1pm
Price: $25 (includes HST)

Register for Session 2

Session 3
Dates: Saturday March 3rd
Time: 1pm - 3pm
Price:  $25 (includes HST)
Register for Session 3

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