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Welcome to Little Rock Curling at the Oakville Curling Club!

The Little Rock curling program runs most Sunday afternoons from 1:30 – 3:30. The program is divided into an instructional session and game each week. During the instructional period, little rocks work on skills development and building knowledge of the game. During the game portion, little rocks are assigned to a team where they have the opportunity to practice game situations.

Little Rockers need to arrive at the club on Sundays no later than 1:15 pm to allow time to change shoes and prepare to be ready for the program to start at 1:30 pm.

Participants will need: 

  • Carry in CLEAN and rubber-soled shoes (not worn to the rink - this is mandatory)
  • All curlers are required to wear regular rubber-soled running shoes (no slider or tape) or curling shoes with 2 grippers while not throwing stones
  • Curling shoes are not required
  • Step-on-sliders are available for use by the curlers at the club
  • Loose fitting, comfortable and warm clothing (no jeans!)
  • Non-slip gloves or mitts
  • HELMETS ARE MANDATORY.  All participants are required to wear a properly fitted and secured (as per the direction of the manufacturer) helmet certified by the (Canadian Standards Association) in the curling rink.
  • other forms of headgear is not sufficient - we are following the recommendations supported by the National Canadian Curling governing body (Curling Canada)
  • please click HERE to view our Club policy

Regardless of knowledge or curling experience, all parents and guardians are encouraged to participate in program supervision and coaching!  An introductory coaching clinic will be held at the beginning of the season and experienced instructors will offer all participants – juniors and parents alike – guidance over the course of the curling season.

Trial Members:
New members are welcome to participate on a trial basis for up to 3 weeks.
Payment must be provided at the time of registration; however are entitled to a full refund if they choose not to continue after the trial period.
Please advise of the need for a trial period at the time of registration.
New members are accepted in October and January.
Refund Policy:
Please click HERE for our refund policy.

For more information contact the club 905-844-6982 or the Little Rock convenors.

Time: Sundays 1:30pm - 3:30pm
Board DirectorMarg Byrne
League Convenors: Helen & Ian Stephenson

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