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In this email, we want to update you on the current plan for returning to curling and to the club. While we understand there’s still a lot of uncertainty about the pandemic and how recreational activities will look in the future, recent news about the vaccine rollout and the accelerated second dose schedule make us optimistic about getting back at it! At this time we are planning under the assumption that the regular curling season will begin around the usual time in early October. As always, we're taking our cues from provincial reopening plans and local public health guidelines. When we do return to curling, we want it to be safe.

Some of you may have already seen the information below regarding reopening for Summer League. The Board has not made a decision to open for Summer League, or any curling operations for that matter. Information has been distributed and tentative registrations are being accepted to determine if there is sufficient interest to even consider opening in the summer.

Below you’ll find some information about the minimum requirements for reopening, the public health restrictions we think might be in play, and other public health and Club policies.

We look forward to making an announcement soon about 2021/2022 fees and registration. Until then, if you have questions about reopening or any of the information we’ve shared so far, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Reopening the Club

As we did in the fall, the Club will be observing all public health requirements if we’re able to reopen. Our minimum requirements for operating curling are as follows:

  • The Province must be in at least Step 3 of its new Reopening Framework and allow for indoor recreational activities.
  • Minimum 50-person indoor gathering limit, with 150-person indoor limit (approximately 50% of our indoor capacity) being required to get back to ‘normal’ operations.

Return-to-Play Protocols

So what does a return to curling look like? The short answer is: We don’t know, and things are changing so fast, it's hard to guess.

As we learn more about the relaxing of restrictions on indoor activities, we will be updating our Return-to-Play Protocols to ensure the safest experience for you and OCC staff. We are reasonably certain some current restrictions, mandated either by public health authorities or the Club, will be in place when curling begins.

Here are some of the Covid rules you might encounter next season:

  • Masks may be required, regardless of your vaccination status. There is still uncertainty that all participants will have the opportunity to be fully vaccinated (i.e. 2 doses) by the time we start curling, so for the health of others, all participants will be required to wear a mask at all times while in the Club. We will be tracking public health guidelines on this matter.
  • We are planning under the assumption that the gathering limit for indoor facilities will be no higher than 50 people. As such, where necessary, games will be subject to a strict time limit of 2 hours so that we can create gaps between draws. Participants may be required to vacate the Club within 15 minutes after their game in order to allow for participants on the next draw to enter the Club without overlap between groups.
  • We are planning under the assumption that the bar will be closed for at least the first half of the season, but are working on solutions for you to gather at local restaurants and pubs to enjoy some post-game socializing, should public health restrictions allow for that.

Although we hope to get back to curling-as-we-know-it as soon as possible, these rules may be necessary to ensure the safety of all participants on and off the ice. As public health guidelines are relaxed, we will update our rules and communicate those changes to you. In the meantime, if you are not comfortable playing under these conditions, please wait to register until such time as restrictions are at a level in which you would consider playing.

Vaccination Status

The Board of Directors is tracking the ongoing discussion regarding vaccine passports for recreational activities. In our latest survey of participants, 98% of respondents indicated that they will definitely be getting vaccinated against COVID-19 and 95% have already been at least partially vaccinated. While we understand the strong desire expressed by some members to ensure everyone who enters the Club is fully vaccinated, there are other factors that require consideration, including, but not limited to, what to do if only a portion of the membership have access to a second dose, how requiring proof of vaccination and medical vaccination exemptions are handled logistically, and the legality of requiring proof of vaccination.

We hope to receive guidance from a variety of sources, including public health authorities, Curling Canada, and Curl ON, on this matter as second doses become more widely available. We will update you on the Board’s discussions and eventual decision regarding vaccination requirements in the coming weeks and months.

We wanted to provide a quick update on Summer League now that second doses are being administered at a decent pace. There has been a lot of enthusiasm for getting back on the ice, and it shows through registrations. Due to high demand in some leagues, we are cancelling the Youth Doubles League (Wed 6:30) and Mixed Doubles League (Wed 9:00) to accommodate more Men's and Open 4s teams during those timeslots. Current league availabilities are:


 League Day/Time Spots Available
 Youth Mon 6:30 8
 Open Doubles Mon 9:00 14
 Open 4s Tue 9:00 4
 Mixed Doubles Tue 9:00 0 (waitlist)
Men's 4s  Wed 6:30 1
Youth Doubles  Wed 6:30 Cancelled
Open 4s  Wed 9:00 1
Open Doubles Wed 9:00 Cancelled
Women's 4s Thu 6:30 0 (waitlist)
Mixed Doubles Thu 6:30 5
Triples Thu 9:00 13


Further adjustments to leagues may be made in order to accommodate the most number of teams. If you see a league that has a waitlist, please register anyway to let us know you are interested in playing and we'll try to make changes that work for everyone.

A brief reminder to everyone that each player on the team must register individually in order to play this year. Please remind your teammates to register BEFORE July 1st. We are not taking payment until we can confirm that Summer League is a go.

Click here for more information about Summer League fees, schedules, rules, and to register. As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Please note a new requirement that all team members must create an OCC website account, and register and pay individually. This is being done for a variety of reasons, which you can read about below.

If you are NOT a returning OCC member, please click here to create your OCC account.

If you are a returning OCC member, you must login to your account to register for Summer League.



At this time, we are not taking payments for Summer League registrations. Your registration will act as a placeholder and notice of intent to participate in Summer League if and/or when the Board makes the decision to open the Club.



Registration is going to look a little different this year. Instead of the Team Owner registering and paying for the entire team, we are requiring individual players to register on the Club’s website and pay their own, individual fees. We’re doing this for a few reasons:

  • to ensure we have complete contact information, including emergency contact info, for each individual;
  • to streamline the waiver process (no more paper!);
  • to ensure accuracy with contact tracing efforts, and;
  • to eliminate the need for Team Owners to collect payments from their players.

Reopening the Club

Our minimum requirements for operating Summer League are as follows:

  • The province must be in Step 3 of the new reopening framework and allow for indoor recreational activities.
  • Minimum 50-person indoor gathering limit.
  • Significant progress on 2nd dose rollout.
  • All leagues must be 80% full by July 1st.
  • Restrictions on international travel must be significantly reduced or eliminated to allow for necessary parallel curling activities

Return-to-Play Protocols

As we learn more about changes to restrictions on indoor activities, we will be updating our Return-to-Play Protocols to ensure the safest experience for you and OCC staff. We are reasonably certain some current restrictions, mandated either by public health authorities or the Club, will be in place for Summer League.

Here are some of the Covid rules we think you can expect for Summer League:

  • Masks may be mandatory, regardless of your vaccination status. Not all participants will have the opportunity to be fully vaccinated (i.e. 2 doses) by the time we start curling, so for the health of others, all participants will be required to wear a mask at all times while in the Club. Failure to comply will result in the team’s immediate removal from Summer League without refund.
  • We are currently operating under the assumption that the gathering limit for indoor facilities will be no higher than 50 people. As such, games will be subject to a strict time limit of 2 hours so that we can clear the building between draws. Players will be required to vacate the Club within 15 minutes after their game in order to allow for players on the next draw to enter the Club without any overlap between groups.
  • Because games will be subject to a strict time limit, there will be no cash payouts as some games may be cut short of the full 8 ends. If you previously played in a competitive cash league, you will see a significant decrease in fees because of this change.
  • We do not expect the bar to be open, but are working on solutions for you to gather at local restaurants and pubs to enjoy some post-game socializing, should public health restrictions allow for that.

These rules are necessary to ensure the safety of all participants on and off the ice. If public health guidelines are loosened or lifted to allow for more relaxed rules, we will update these and communicate those changes to you. In the meantime, if you are not comfortable playing under these conditions, please wait to register until such time as restrictions are at a level in which you would consider playing.


I hope this email finds you and your families well, staying healthy and, like me, on your 42nd hour of watching the Scotties this week. What a great feeling to have curling back!

The Club remains closed, but we've kept with a number of projects to keep things in tip-top shape and to get ready for our eventual return to curling. At this time, I want to bring your attention to a couple of key items we've been working on.

The Club has recently engaged the services of a structural engineering firm and contractor to report on the condition of the arena floor and cost out options for its repair and/or replacement. As you may already know, replacing the arena floor has been a widely discussed capital improvement over the last couple of decades. The largest sections of the floor were installed close to when the Club was founded in the mid-50s, with other smaller sections installed in the mid-90s. The expected life of a refrigerated concrete floor is somewhere between 30-40 years and we've now gotten more than 60 years out of the oldest parts of ours! Due to this season's closure, we've put this and other necessary capital projects on indefinite hold, but intend to move forward on the most important projects over the course of the next 2-3 years, pending sufficient funding. To that end, the Board is currently looking for volunteers to serve on a Renovation Committee which will guide the planning and execution of these projects. If you have experience in project management, fundraising, construction, volunteer recruitment, or other relevant fields, and are interested in serving on the Committee, please contact theThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There are a number of Club positions for which we are currently looking for volunteers. Please read more about them below.

To raise funds for capital projects, the Club has recently qualified for Sport4Ontario's charitable tax receipting program through the National Sport Trust Fund. Through this program, members can donate to the fund and receive a tax receipt for their donation. Funds raised through Sport4Ontario go directly to the Club and will be used to target necessary capital projects, including the arena floor. If you are able, please consider contributing to the fund and help make our Club an even better place to curl! Please read below for more information about the fund and some of the capital projects in the queue. We'll be reaching out with more information as it becomes available.

Finally, as the Covid vaccine roll-out ramps up and a faint light starts to appear at the end of the tunnel, we're interested to find out how you're feeling about a return to curling and group activities in general. Primarily, we want to know if you plan on returning to the Club next season and what health safety precautions are most important to you. Please take a few minutes to complete the Return to Curling Survey to let us know your thoughts. We'll be asking for your input about every month or so as we approach the summer to get a sense of where the Club stands in terms of potential participation and what health safety protocols we should be focusing on to make your return to curling more enjoyable and safe.

Once again, I hope you and yours are staying safe and I'm looking forward to the day we can all get back on the ice together! Enjoy the rest of the Scotties!


Chris Wai
General Manager


Participating in group activities and team sports after Covid is likely to be a different experience than what we remember. Now that vaccines are starting to roll out, we are interested in what you think about returning to the sport and all of its associated activities (e.g. post-game socializing, bonspiels, etc). Please take a few minutes to complete the Return to Curling Survey to let us know your thoughts.

We're asking both to OCC members and non-member participants in the Club's Summer League and Learn-to-Curl programs about their thoughts. This is the third of a series of similar surveys that will be released on approximately a monthly basis leading up to registration for the 2021/2022 curling season. If there is a question that is not relevant to your experience at OCC or your home curling club, please feel free to skip it.

We thank you for your time. Stay safe and take care!

Take the Survey now!



The National Sport Trust Fund

Like most curling clubs in Ontario, we’re looking for alternate sources of revenue and funding to support our Club over the next few months and into the upcoming curling season. As you know, the Club will be running an operating deficit at least until we can get back on the ice. This means that any and all renovations and other capital projects that had been planned for the near future have been put on indefinite hold.

We’re pleased to announce that the Oakville Curling Club has been given approval to raise funds through the Sport4Ontario tax receipting program of the National Sport Trust Fund. This program, meant to support the development of amateur sports in Ontario, gives the Club the ability to solicit donations from the membership and for the members to receive a tax receipt for their contribution.

Donating to this program is voluntary. There’s no need to commit right now -- the donation window is open until at least the end of 2021 -- and any amount helps (although you must donate a minimum of $10.01 in order to get a tax receipt). Contributing to the fund is simple:

  • You donate to the Club’s fund online by clicking here (make sure your choose ‘Project 206: The Oakville Curling Club’) from the drop-down menu;
  • You receive a tax receipt for your donation;
  • Your donation is held in trust with the National Sport Trust Fund until the Club requests funds from the NSTF in order to complete a project or pay for an expense;
  • Repeat as often as you like!

We can't stress enough how grateful we are to have members who are as committed to their Club as you are. We thank you for your continued support in making our Club a safer and more enjoyable place for all. If you have any questions about the NSTF, Sport4Ontario or how the fund works, please reach out to the Club office at any time.

Donate today by visiting https://www.sport4ontario.ca/project-206---the-oakville-curling-club.html.

Projects in Queue

The Board of Directors is exploring a variety of capital projects and improvements. Notably, the rink floor is far past its expected lifespan and is in need of replacement. Planning has commenced on developing a plan to replace the floor in the summer of 2022 and we are currently awaiting a full engineering report on the condition of the floor and replacement options. This project is meant to not only ensure the longevity of the club, but also maintain best possible curling experience for our members and reduce our utilities costs & environmental footprint.

Other potential projects, listed below, were chosen because of their impact on the health safety of everyone at the Club, their return-on-investment potential, their impact on our environmental footprint, and their potential to enhance the member experience. These projects include the following:

  • HVAC retrofit, including HEPA and UV air purification, to improve ventilation and air quality in the lounge and locker rooms
  • Upgrades to the rink camera and TV equipment to correct deficiencies and allow for live-streaming of games and events
  • Insulation in the kitchen and lounge ceiling where necessary
  • Upgrades to the men's locker room, including new lockers
  • Installation of new accessibility and security features (e.g. automatic door openers, ramps, etc) to improve the member and guest experience

None of these projects are confirmed, and the final selection of projects will be dependent on the necessity of the project itself and how much funding we are able to generate through this and other fundraisers.

If you have any questions about these projects or have an idea about other projects that could be completed, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

mel mitzelMITZEL, Mel October 11, 1957 - February 4, 2021 With much sadness, we announce the passing of Melvin (Mel) Raymond Mitzel, after an almost three-year battle with Glioblastoma. Mel passed peacefully at his home, in Oakville surrounded by his family. Best friend and loving husband of Sally for 39 years. Wonderful father to Michael (Shauna), RaeAnn, Amie (Mark) and Erin (Brandon). Adoring grandfather to Owen and Addison, who made his heart soar. Cherished son of Anne Mitzel and the late Raymond Mitzel (1998), big brother to Norman (Lucille), Mavis (Eugene), Richard (Lorraine), Cliff (Karen). He will be lovingly remembered by the Rajchyba family, numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews. Mel was born in Wilkie, Saskatchewan and grew up on the family farm near Tramping Lake. After attending the University of Saskatchewan, he began his 40-year career with the Hudson's Bay Company where he will be fondly remembered as a member of the senior executive team for his kindness and leadership by all his many colleagues and friends. Annual family vacations, golfing and fishing in Saskatchewan were the highlight of his summers. Curling and escapes to warm climates helped him to enjoy the winters. We would like to thank Dr. Kanwar and the numerous PSW and nurses, especially Vicentia for the excellent palliative care that Mel received in his final days. In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to the organizations that Mel was passionate about: Community Living Oakville, the Glaucoma Research Society of Canada or Wellspring Birmigham Gilgan House. Memories can be shared online at: kudoboard.com

To Plant Memorial Trees in memory, please visit our Sympathy Store.
Published in Toronto Star on Feb. 7, 2021

OCC Members:

When I began my role as President I had many plans, not the least of which was to introduce myself to many of you at the Open House, on the ice or at some other club event. Of course, none of that is possible this year.

Allow me to introduce myself now:

My name is Helen Stephenson. I ran the Little Rock program before becoming the Youth League Convenor in 2016. I remained on the Board in 2018 in the role of Vice President, before becoming President earlier this year. I love the sport of curling and I have volunteered my time whenever I could to ensure others have the same great experience at the Oakville Curling Club that I have. All the hours I have volunteered however, is just a drop in the bucket compared to how much time and energy some of the members have put into making our club as amazing as it is.

First, I would like to thank the Directors currently serving on the Board. Their commitment to the club is unbelievable. They have had to balance all of their regular duties as well as spend hours debating the best way to handle this unfortunate situation and be fair to our members only to be told that the Government or Health Department has announced a new rule we must follow, upending all their work. Thank you so much for your time, efforts and commitment!

Copy of Copy of Start Your Day 1

I would also like to thank the convenors of each of the leagues. This was undoubtedly the most challenging and frustrating year ever to organize leagues and schedules. I am sure if this was 30 years ago they would be up to their knees in crumpled up pieces of paper as they wrote and rewrote schedules and team compositions. Thank you to:

  • Rick Bertram - Saturday Morning
  • Stephanie Carne - Monday Ladder League
  • Roy Gorka - Senior Men’s
  • Evelyn Gowan - Wednesday Night Ladies
  • Judy Edwards - Tuesday/Thursday Women’s Day League
  • Patricia Hooper - Tuesday/Thursday Women’s Day League
  • James McCallum - Weekend Mixed
  • Ian Taylor - Men’s League
  • Ken Westover - Senators

A big thank you goes to all of the volunteers who helped with the Youth Program this year. Their flexibility and dedication allowed the program to keep running - even when we switched days and times on them (once or twice)!

A very special thank you to the amazing women in the Day Women Executive. Joanne Courchesne and Lyn Turnbull (DW Member/Player Development) were quick to set up "COVID Return to Play" training and practice as soon as they could get on the ice to help ensure a safe and compliant return to curling for the DW. Lyn Turnbull and Sally Mitzel ran a very successful DW fundraiser selling curling themed face masks made by Lyn .

The Day Women also donated a whopping $5000 for the touchless taps in the women's washroom and the wipe stations, as part of the COVID19 initiatives.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Start Your Day

Most importantly I would like to acknowledge the backbone of this club. Thank you Chris Wai, Casey Base and Scott Foster. The three of you worked hard to develop protocols to allow a return to play, fielded endless phone calls, and kept the club running in case, miracles upon miracles, the pandemic released its grip on the world.

Copy of Purple Coffee Specials Photo Collage

A final thank you goes out to all of the members for your patience and your support.

Remember that at the end of the day we are part of a curling community, with an emphasis on community. The board will be considering ideas for how we can all stay connected until we are able to return to the ice. We are thinking of things like virtual trivia nights, scavenger hunts, or if the second wave passes, perhaps some outdoor curling themed activities. We would welcome any ideas that the membership has.

Unfortunately, the ice is in the process of being removed. The good news is that the countdown is on to end this crazy year. May we have a happy new year and not a happy new fear!

With luck, 2020 will be a blip in the history of the curling club and we can begin again as normal in the fall. On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of the Oakville Curling Club, I wish you and your families a very safe and happy holidays!


Helen Stephenson, President
Oakville Curling Club

In light of the current Covid situation, the variable nature of the pandemic, and the uncertainty surrounding future restrictions and lockdowns, the Board has made the decision to close the Club for the remainder of the season.

Since the ice is already installed, we will remain open for practice until December 19th. The Sunday Youth Curling Program will run until December 20th, and we will begin the ice removal process starting December 21st.

In light of the imminent closure of the Club and after much deliberation, the Board has approved a modified basis for refunds for the current season’s fees. Each member who has paid for an Anytime, Weekday, or Intermediate Membership this year will be entitled to a refund that is modestly higher than the policy announced prior to the start of the season and these members will have their membership converted to a Pandemic Membership. Each Youth, Student, Social and Associate member will be entitled to a refund in accordance with the policy as previously announced. Details are as follows:

  • Base Fees paid by Anytime, Weekday and Intermediate members will be refunded except for $200 + HST (effectively these members will be converted to Pandemic Members)
  • Locker Fees paid ($40 + HST) will be refunded in full
  • The Prize Levy ($27.10 + HST) will be refunded in full
  • New Member Fees paid for the current season ($125 + HST) will be refunded in full (such members will be required to pay this one time fee if they choose to return to the Club in a subsequent season)
  • Youth, Student, Social and Associate members will be issued refunds based on the Club’s Refund Policy (50% of base fees plus HST).
  • The Building Levy ($75 + HST), where applicable, is not refundable
  • Refunds will not be issued for members who paid for a Pandemic membership ($200 + HST)
  • OCA fees ($20.50 + HST) will be partially refunded in order to cover the Club’s pro-rated affiliation fees for the partial season (refunded amount TBD).

All refunds will be issued by December 24th.

We understand that this news comes as a disappointment to everyone. We went to considerable lengths to try to ensure that we could safely operate the Club if we were permitted to do so. Operating the Club, with or without ice, is an expensive undertaking and, with drastically reduced membership revenue, the Club's available cash will be significantly depleted over the remainder of the current season. Fortunately, because the Club's financial position going into this season was very strong, we are confident that the Club has sufficient funds to cover our costs until we are able to resume normal operations. It will, however, take several years and the committed support of our members to restore the Club's financial resources.

We would once again like to thank the members for your continued patience and support. We are as devastated as everyone about closing for the remainder of the season, but we know that the OCC community will continue to thrive as we look forward to reopening our doors for the 2021/2022 season. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Club Management or the Board of Directors.

On Monday, Halton Region was placed into the Red Zone of the province's new reopening framework. Two major changes come with being in the Red Zone:

  1. All sports and recreational programs ... limited to 10 people per room indoors, and;
  2. Team sports must not be practiced or played except for training (no games or scrimmages).

As a result of these changes, we have moved to a 'practice-only' schedule until further notice. As we are limited to 10 people in the rink, only 1 person will be permitted on each sheet, with the exception of sheets 1 & 8, on which 2 people will be permitted. If you would like to practice with a partner, you must book either sheet 1 or sheet 8. Practice time slots are 15 minutes shorter than normal to accommodate more practices per day.

Please read on for more information about Halton Region's new restrictions and the practice ice schedule. Please contact the club office if you have any questions.

We know every is disappointed that the bar isn't open and traditional post-game socializing can't happen at this time. Once the pandemic situation gets better, we'll make sure we remedy that. Until then, we're pleased to share a couple of fun promotions designed specifically for OCC members!

Lakeview Wine Co. is sponsoring a daily wine draw! During each draw, we'll choose someone one the ice to win a bottle of wine! On your way out of the club after your game, check the main bulletin board. We'll choose a sheet number, rock colour and player 

One bottle of wine per draw will be given away for the first two weeks of the season!position as the winner. If you match the picks, claim your bottle from Casey, Jordan or Nancy in the office.

And don't forget to visit Lakevew Wine Co online to order some of their amazing wine. Use the promo code LWCLOVE to get free shipping on deliveries over $50. Visit LWC by clicking here.

Our friends at Beertown on Cornwall are offering OCC members a free appetizer when they visit Beertown with a socially distanced group of 6 or more. Check out their great heated patio and enjoy a post-game beverage and some munchies!

Beertown is also giving back to the club! Let your server know you're from the Oakville Curling Club and the club will collect points that we'll use to claim prizes and gift cards for the membership! See details below.

BTO ClubPartnership EAMAILER 02 min

Sweeping is an integral part of the game. During Covid, there are a few new rules to keep in mind:

  • Teams must choose a designated sweeper for every stone. You don't need to have the same sweeping rotation all the time, but splitting sweeping responsibilities evenly between players makes the game go faster for everyone. Sharing is caring!
  • Masks must be worn at all times, including while sweeping.
  • The non-sweeping sweeper may walk along with the delivered stone to help judge weight and communicate with the skip. The 'helper sweeper' must also be masked and maintain a 6-foot distance from all other players at all times. If the helper can't maintain distance, they should drop off and wait on the divider line.
  • The designated sweeper may sweep stones that are set in motion by the delivered stone, including their opposition's stones behind the tee line. No one else is allowed to sweep, including the non-delivering skip/vice behind the tee line
  • The non-delivering skip/vice must wait behind the hack until the house is cleared by the designated sweeper before calling their next shot.


We can finally share some good news with everyone! Halton Region has been placed into the 'Yellow / Protect' level of the province's new reopening framework and we expect that the Halton Medical Officer of Health will update her recommendations to permit game play. League play will commence on Monday, November 9th!

League conveners will be in touch with players and teams with revised draw schedules. The protocols we've had in place for practice ice will remain in place for game play. Members will still be required to check-in upon arrival at the Club and masks are required in all areas of the Club. Games will be 6 ends to start the season and there will be no bar service until further notice. Members are asked to arrive no more than 15 minutes before their game and exit the building no later than 15 minutes after their game has finished. Club Management and the Board will review all protocols and restrictions on an ongoing basis and will keep everyone up-to-date on any and all changes.

All practice ice from November 9th on will be cancelled. We hope to have practice ice and makeup game ice available again starting the week of Nov 30th. There are still a few sheets of practice ice available this weekend. Please use the online booking module to book your sheet.

Please note that although we're excited to be opening for game play, things move extremely fast in the age of COVID. There remains a chance that either the province or Halton Region restricts team sports to practice only again in the future. A change in recommendations may necessitate additional temporary closures of the Club. We also expect some growing pains while we work out health and safety protocols and ask that members remain cautious about their personal health, risk factors, and recreational activities. If you live in a region that is under a more restrictive reopening level, we ask that you consider your non-essential activities carefully.

Don't forget to review the Club's Return-to-Play Guidelines before your first game. If you have any further questions, please contact the Club office.

We look forward to seeing you at the Club! Don't forget your mask and good curling!

The webinar of September 9th included a number of questions about the clubs finances and about the refund policy. We are providing the information below to help the membership better understand the club's financial position and proposed refund policy.

The Club's available cash is expected to be significantly depleted this year due to much lower revenue and higher costs. This is the case whether we stay closed or whether we open at less than full capacity. The financial impact to the Club can be partially mitigated if we are able to reopen with sufficient membership levels. We anticipate that losses will be funded from the Club's cash reserves. In saying that, the Board believes the Club has adequate cash to meet its requirements for the coming year whether or not the Club reopens.

It costs between $20,000-$30,000 to start up the ice plant, so it is important to ensure that we have enough committed membership to justify start-up costs. Our fixed costs, including, but not limited to, mortgage, insurance, salaries, utilities, property taxes, bank charges, and audit costs are expected to be at least $250,000 even if the club remains closed and would be higher if the club reopens. Refunding 50% of membership fees in the event that a member elects to terminate their membership early or if the club is forced to close following reopening, is intended to help cover these costs. In that context, taking out a Pandemic Membership not only contributes to the financial health of the Club, but also counts toward our membership revenue target to reopen.

We hope that the above information helps clarify questions for the membership and helps each member make their decision about rejoining the club this year.

Helen Stephenson
President, Oakville Curling Club

In light of the fact that we're asking all members to provide their own equipment, we have set up an easy-to-use Online Pro Shop for you to purchase necessary items for the upcoming season.

You can buy stabilizers, sticks, helmets, grippers and even OCC custom masks and cowls, all at prices that are significantly better than retail.

  • Place your order and pay on-line via credit card during checkout.
  • Orders will be available for pick-up from the club office or at the bar (after hours). You will be notified by email when your order is ready to be picked up.
  • All prices include HST.

Members must be logged into the OCC website to access the Pro Shop. For items not listed, please contact the Club office.

Please see below for some frequently asked questions about this season. If you'd like to see any other questions anwered, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please note, the Board of Directors reserves the right to modify rules or deadlines based on government or public health guidelines and restrictions.


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