Let the Club know if you'll be returning

Today (September 15) is the last day to let us know if you'll be returning to the club for fall curling. To indicate that you are returning you must pay your membership fees.

If you have already paid, or if you have already notifiied the club that you will not be returning, you may disregard this email.

If you have yet to pay, please click HERE to make your payment by Credit Card. You can also use this link to choose a Pandemic Membership.

Payment by this 15th is important as it will dictate whether or not the Club can proceed with turning the ice plant on, which needs to happen a minimum 3 weeks before the first day of curling. If the Club doesn't achieve the 60% revenue threshold by that date, the Board of Directors will postpone starting the ice plant and determine a subsequent date in which the Club could reopen.

Every membership (Anytime, Weekday, Pandemic, Social, Youth, etc) counts towards our minimum threshold. If you are able, please support the club by submitting your payment.

Paid fees will be subject to the Club's Refund Policy. After October 1st, members will be eligible for a refund of half of their fees (not including the building levy and new member fees, where applicable). Members who are interested in sitting out the first half of the season may renew their membership in January 2021 for 50% of the league fees (OCA fees, building levy & new membership fees, where applicable, will all be charged in full), pending space is available in leagues. A complete breakdown of Weekday and Anytime fees and refunds is below for your information.

We appreciate that not everyone can make the commitment to curl under the current rules and guidelines. We understand that the decision to renew your membership is a difficult one and we want you to be as comfortable as possible with the guidelines put in place before you join. If you have any questions or comments about the Return to Play Guidelines or any of the Club's COVID-19 related policies, please reach out to the Club office or the Board of Directors.

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