The Board of Directors is excited to share a new club branding initiative with you.

Below, you'll find images of the Club's current logo and new refreshed designs. The updated designs incorporate critical elements of OCC logos of the past (the oak leaf, the corn brooms, the rock, the 'crest' style and the colours), while introducing much crisper and clearer design elements (font, clean edges, etc) that will translate beautifully in both digital and physical (merchandise) applications. While considering new designs, it was also very important to pay tribute to the Club's long-standing history by including "EST 1954" in the design.

For now, the plan for the refreshed logo involves building a new Club merchandising program (stay tuned for more info on that!). In the future, if the membership feels that the refreshed design is the direction we want to go, the new logo could be transitioned into all of the Club's digital and physical assets.

Over the next few weeks, you'll be seeing some informal polls at the Club to ask you what your preferred designs are (current or new). If you have any questions or comments about the design process or if you have suggestions about the designs themselves, please contact Chris in the Club office or any member of the Board of Directors.

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