Clarification of the wording of 'practice ice' vs 'rental ice'

The Board of Directors has received some feedback from the membership regarding the fact that the Club is charging for practice ice. 

The title of the original article on the Club's homepage referencing 'practice ice' was designed to target competitive teams playing in the Oakville Fall Classic and the Stu Sells Oakville Tankard that wished to rent summer ice. 

During the summer league, we have and will continue to rent sheets to non-members, summer league participants and visiting teams, and if OCC members wish to rent a sheet for in order to ensure it's reserved in advance and available at a particular time, they may do so via the online event form and for a reduced rental rate.

Open sheets will be made available to OCC members, free of charge, provided there is a rental on the ice on or around the same time. Members can call a day or so ahead of time to see what's available and reserve their sheet.

We will begin to use the Members' Practice Ice Module starting Sept 6th for practice ice bookings after Sept 13th (Member Open House). The Members' Practice Ice Module can be found by logging into the OCC website. Click on 'Ice' followed by 'Practice Schedule.'

OCC members who have a current rental reservation may call to cancel their sheet and receive a full refund. Please note, the originally booked timeslot may become unavailable in the coming weeks. Please call the Club approximately 24 hours in advance for practice ice availability.

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