Team EdmondsonOur expansion this year to 40 teams has worked out quite well.  This has given us an even distribution of teams in our ladder.  Our plan is to stick with 40 teams into the next season.  Frank, Stu and Roy plan to revamp our rules a bit during the off-season, so check out the website at the end of the summer to see the changes.

The semi-finals were extra exciting this year with four games extending to an extra end.  You could tell that there were some close shots in the finals by the sound level in the lounge after some of the rocks got to the house.

We look forward to all getting back together next season, but now it is time to focus on some outdoor activities.  Enjoy the summer !


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2019 Senior Men Champions

A1 winners

A winners :  Wayne Martin, Doug Pole, Al Kirchner  (Absent : Matt Lawton is the skip, Rob Melhuish as fifth)


A2 runners up

A runners up : Ross Scarrow, David Feldstein, Ian Taylor, Bob MacDonald (Absent : Dan Leier is the skip)


B1 winners

B winners : Ian Mckay, Donnie Morris (skip), John Cramm (Absent : Hector Corkum)


B2 runners up

B runners up : Gerald Gowan (skip), Stewart Dickie, Bill Hamilton (Absent : Paul Sunderland)


C1 winners

C winners : Alan Morrison, Tom Wienhold, Ron Grey (skip), Allan Turner (spare) (Absent : Roy Chard)


C2 runners up

C runners up : Fred Fairs, Peter Maher (skip), Harold Vogt, Tom Taylor


D1 winners

D winners : Leo Topolniski, Allan Ferguson (skip), Ray Burrell, Graeme Gordon, John Webster


D2 runners up

D runners up : Craig Aubrey, Peter Sils, David Cashen (skip), Sid Krull


E1 winners

E winners : David Kinkaid, Peter Hadley (spare), Earl Cochrane, Don McIsaac (skip) (Absent : Milos Pospisil)


E2 runners up

E runners up : Tim Harrison, Rick Brady, Ross Tousaw (skip) (Absent : Steve Quigley) 


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