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Team McLarenCongratulations to all of our Mixed League division winners. Our season ending championship weekend saw 80 teams vying for divisional bragging rights.

Our overall 2018-2019 overall season points champions were the team of David Sykes, Marjorie McArthur, David Feldstein, Gail Cosman.

This year saw a first time overall Mixed League Championship winning team. Congratulations to:

Ken McLaren, Tara McAninch McLaren, Greg Ramier, Jaquie Ramier, Hugh Murphy and Janet Murphy, with alternates Steve Corey and Helen Corey

The playoff winners in each division were:

Ken McLaren, Tara McAninch McLaren, Greg Ramier, Jacquie Ramier, Hugh Murphy, Janet Murphy, alternates Steve Corey and Helen Corey
B Donnie Morris, Theresa Morris, Doug Pole, Sharon Hay Pole, alternates D'Arcy Reid, Jennifer Wilde
C Greg Irwin, Linda Irwin, David Renshall, Paula Jones
D Ed Malayny, Pat Van Burgsteden, Henry Van Burgsteden, Tanya Malayny
E Johnalee Marshall, Ian Stephenson, Helen Stephenson, John Wale
F Dean Braunsteiner, Sandra Braunsteiner, Don Kowpak, Ann Kowpak
G Ron Stewart, Patti Kurgan, John Kurgan, Wendy Stewart
H James Lindsay, Cynthia Lindsay, Colin Smith, Stephanie Smith
I Adam Young, Katie Brickman Young, Tim Scott, Nicole Callahan
J Gord Lynes, Nicola Davey, Mark Grunwald, Martha Grunwald



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