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The MLL closed out another successful year at our recent banquet. We were excited to share our day with our new League sponsor Janice Fendley from J. Fendley Consulting Inc.

‘A’ Flight – Trophy Recipients and Winners – Team Winter

Photo: Patti Winter (skip), Dorothy Brockbank (vice), Janice Fendley (sponsor), Barb Reichert (lead), absent Sally Reinfelds (second) and alternate (Cheryl Maloney)

Other league winners:

'A' Flight
Runners-up: Sheri Wasik, Carolyn Wilson, Sandra Braunsteiner, KJ Terry
Third Place: Margaret Pospisil, Lyn Turnbull, Gerry Josefik, Linda Savelli, Jo Ann Hughes

'B' Flight
Winners: Lorelei Jenkins, Val Wescott, Suzanne Tennier, Alice Ferron
Runners-up: Jacquie Pollard, Janet Lucas, Brenda Dafoe, Maureen Pike
Third Place: Sharon Clark, Joan Watkinson, Barb Purdy, Fran Garrett

'C' Flight
Winners: Janice Fendley, Joanne Courchesne, Barb Lennox, Jennifer Meyer
Runners-up: Rita Spence, Joyce Fraser, Sue Mitchell, Katherine Tousaw, Joan Doherty
Third Place: Elizabeth Tousaw, Heather Cheyne, Sarah Ball, Stacey McLean

Congratulations to all our Winners!!

MLL 2017-2018 New Season

Are you interested in curling with the same day ladies on a regular weekly basis?

Please consider joining the Monday Ladies Ladder League in 2017-2108. You can form a new team, become part of an existing team or register online as an available spare. The Club on-line membership opens May 15.

We have some open team spots in our afternoon flight and existing skips looking to fill vacant position(s).

If you would like more information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Submitted by: Ann McCarthy (league convenor)

Summer 2017 - Equipment Upgrades

  • New Brine Pump

  • New Brine Pump

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