Peace.Love.Curl.2x1We wrapped up the season with a successful and fun event involving a 4-end game and a 4-skills challenge that resulted in one team from each draw receiving prizes. As well, all participants received a $10 gift card and enjoyed a variety of snacks; veggies, dip, salsa, chips, and sweet treats. Thanks to all the volunteers who assisted with the skills competition.

After 3 years, Nancy Mooney is stepping down as Convener for the Monday night league. Thanks to Nancy for doing a fabulous job in keeping Mondays welcoming to new curlers and fun for everyone! We are looking for a new convener for this league. If interested, please contact Nancy Mooney or Judy Kerling for more information.

Submitted by: Judy Kerling

Summer 2017 - Equipment Upgrades

  • New Brine Pump

  • New Brine Pump

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