Curling.SkillsJoin your Instructors' Co-Op  for our pre-season Tune-Up Clinics. 


Saturday Afternoon October 5
2-50 min sessions: 11:00-11:50am, 12:00-12:50pm
On-line Registration Closes:  Oct 1
Fee:  $10 per session

Choose one or two of the following sessions:

  • Delivery Tune-up - improve your slide and delivery through:
    • Line Check (set-up & timing)
    • Release
    • Balance
    • 2 groups in first session (12 people)
  • Curling 101 - get back to the basics through:
    • Delivery check
    • Sweeping
    • 2 groups in second session (12 people)
  • Sweeping & Communication - Improve your sweeping & team skills through:
    • Sweeping technique analysis
    • On-ice communication
  • Rock-Timing, & Weight Control - Improve your weight control & judgement through:
    • Rock Hawk timing lasers
    • Learn to use stop watches and understand uses for split times
    • Develop techniques for developing better weight control
  • Practice drills - learn to feel comfortable practicing on your own or with your team through:
    • Creating process goals for practice
    • Individual and team drills ideas
    • Set-up of a focused practice
  • Strategy - learn how to improve your game through:
    • Offensive vs. defensive
    • 5-rock rule
    • Pace of play
    • Angles
    • Q & A
    • Off Ice - Unlimited attendees per session

Maximum of 6 people per topic per session unless otherwise stated (unlimited for strategy since it's off-ice).

Pre-season Clinic - Saturday Afternoon

Pre-season Clinic - Saturday Afternoon

Start your season off on the right 'slide' by attending a clinic. Taught by our Instructors Co-Op.

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We look forward to having you with us.

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