The program is for young people aged 12-20 as of June 30.

Each session starts promptly at 12pm and runs until 2pm, most Sundays.  Please give yourself and your teen at least 15 minutes beforehand to change and socialize, with the same time allowance post session.

New to Curling?

All Curling specific equipment is provided.

Participants will need:
  • Protect and carry-in a pair of clean, rubber-soled shoes.
  • Wear or bring stretchy, comfortable, layers suitable for 1.5 hours of play in a 4°C (degrees Celsius) arena.
  • Non-slip gloves or mitts
  • CSA approved helmet

Our program supports True Sport Principles, Sport for Life goals, and respects the age and stage considerations of the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Curling.

Each session will balance Curling specific and general life skills instruction, with individual and team applications.  Fair play, responsibility, having fun, leadership, problem-solving and effective communication are examples that our participants can take away from the program and use immediately, at home, in school, and for all future endeavors.

Regardless of Curling knowledge or experience, all parents, guardians, and caregivers are encouraged to participate in program supervision and coaching!  Experienced volunteer instructors, will offer all participants - teens and parents alike - guidance over the course of the Curling season.  This exemplifies the dynamic and supportive culture of our sport and this program.

We do hope, that you and your dependent(s) choose CURLING as one of your many weekly and lifelong physical activities.

Trial Members:
New members are welcome to participate on a trial basis for up to 3 weeks.
Payment must be provided at the time of registration; however are entitled to a full refund if they choose not to continue after the trial period.
Please advise of the need for a trial period at the time of registration.
New members are accepted in October and January.
-  please click HERE to view our Club policy
Refund Policy:
Please click HERE for our refund policy.

Time: Sundays 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Board Director: Marg Byrne
League Convenor: Andy Czebe

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