Senior Men Finals

The verdict is in, the pictures taken, hands shaken and beers toasted.

Below you will find the pictures of our four winning teams.

Some comments on the finals :

Three out of the four final games were tied after eight ends with some very good comebacks to get to that point.  In the A level, the game was won by a final draw around a tight guard to the four foot.

Interesting side note : Over the years, team Grey has won senior ladder titles in all four (A through D) levels.  We think they are rooting for an increase in the size of our league next year, thereby creating an E level so they can continue their streak !


A Division: Matt Lawton, Don Pearson, Doug Pole, Al Kirchner

Level A Lawton



B Division: Ed Malayny, Michael Laezza, Dan Savelli, Derrick Russell

Level B Malayny



C Division: Larry O'Brecht, Stu Gunn, Larry Trimble, Mike Mikola (sparing for Barnes)

Level C Barnes

D Division: Ron Grey, Alan Morrison, Ken Westover, Tom Wienhold

Level D Grey

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