Tips for Staying Safe

Now that we're back to curling, here are a few tips for staying safe in the club and on the ice in the age of Omicron.

Stay home if you are sick

Rule #1... if you feel sick or have come in close contact with someone who is sick, stay home. Your safety and the safety of your fellow members isn't worth one game of curling.

Wear your mask as much as possible

In a fully vaccinated setting such as the club, masking is the next best defense against transmission of the virus. Remember where and when masks are required vs when they are optional:

  • Masks are required in all areas of the club except for the rink
  • Masks are optional, but still strongly encouraged in the rink while you are curling
  • Masks are required if you are sweeping with a partner (single sweepers may remove their masks)
    • Members of the same household may be unmasked if they are sweeping together

Stay distanced as much as possible

The interior of the club has been set up to encourage and maximize physical distancing.

  • Tables are set up for 4 players. When you arrive at the club, stake out a table for your team and stick to it. Stretch and warm up at your table. Avoid mingling with teams from other tables/sheets.
  • Distancing markers have been placed in the ice for your convenience. Use the markers on your sheet only.
  • If you're having trouble distancing on the ice, wear a mask.

Don't forget your QR code

In order to enter the club, you must provide your Ontario digital vaccine certificate, which will be scanned by staff upon arrival. If you don't have your Ontario vaccine code, please download it by visiting or by calling 1-888-943-3900.

Do NOT forget your smart phone if you have downloaded your vaccine QR code to it. Members that show up without their proof of vaccine may be denied entry. Your vaccine receipt is not sufficient.

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