OCC will be Reopening Jan 31!

Tonight's the Night!

Curling is BACK!

Summer League 2021 starts tonight with Mixed Doubles, Women's, and Triples play. We wanted to bring your attention to a few matters before we hit the ice. Please read on and let us know if you have any questions. We're looking forward to seeing you on the ice!


A reminder that every player must register and pay individually. Players that have not paid before their first game will not be allowed to curl until they do. Please check with your teammates to ensure that everyone has signed up for an OCC web account, and registered and paid for Summer League.

Covid Protocols

Click here for a brief list of health and safety protocols for Summer League. These protocols are in place for everyone's safety and we trust that everyone involved will have no trouble with that. Of note:

  1. Masks are mandatory at all times if you are unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, or fully vaccinated and received your second dose fewer than 14 days ago. Fully vaccinated players may remove their masks while sweeping or throwing, or while seated eating or drinking. Fully vaccinated players playing doubles or triples may remove their masks for the whole games, provided they are distanced at all times.
  2. We have limited space for spectators on the early draw only. We know everyone is excited that curling's back, but we ask that you leave your adoring fans at home.
  3. We encourage early draw teams to use our outdoor patio space for post-game drinks in order to create more space in the lounge between draws. There are picnic tables, tents and lights setup outside, so take advantage of the warm weather while it lasts.

The safety protocols may change at any time based on public health advice and the overall landscape of the pandemic, so please come prepared for any contigency. If you have any questions about the rules, please don't hesitate to reach out.


A limited number of spectators may be allowed in the club during the early draw only. Spectators should not enter the club until games have started, must check in at the front desk, and may not use the lounge or bar once the games have concluded. Please notify the club if you are bringing any spectators with you.

Contact Tracing

You will receive a unique QR code prior to your first game. Please save or print the code and bring it with you to every game. Upon arrival, you will scan your code at the front desk in order to check in for your game. You must check in before every game.

If you do not receive your QR code by 3:00pm the day of your first game, please send us a quick note to let us know and we will provide you with one.

Schedules and Scoring

Teams rosters and schedules are slowly being populated. You can see your schedule, sheets, standings, and report your game results online by logging into the club's website. Once you're logged in, your schedule will appear on the homepage.



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