OCC will be Reopening Jan 31!

2021/2022 Curling Fees

Due to the Club’s reduced cash reserves, and the expected winding down of government emergency assistance programs, the Board has approved a membership fee structure that ensures the continued operation of the Club in these extremely uncertain circumstances.

In returning to curling for the upcoming season, the Board made decisions for fees based on the following principles:

  1. That the Club’s 21/22 revenue will comprise almost exclusively of membership fees;
  2. That revenues from other sources, such as bar sales, rentals, and advertising, will be negligible;
  3. That the Club’s membership numbers will be about the same as the 20/21 season (~600 full members)

Last month, we communicated to you that the Club’s non-curling operating expense budget is approximately $360,000. This number includes all non-curling fixed and operating expenses, such as core staff salaries, non-curling utilities, property tax, insurance, etc. Put simply, these are our fixed costs whether we are able to reopen for curling or must remain closed. We can expect to spend at least that amount over the course of next year even if we are unable to reopen for curling.

Furthermore, it costs us an additional approximately $150,000 in order to operate for a regular curling season (summer excluded). This number includes expenses such as utilities associated with running the ice plant, part-time ice personnel, and ice installation expenses.

Taking that and the above assumptions into account, the Board has approved the following 21/22 Membership Fees (all fees are exclusive of HST):

  • Base Membership Fee - $328.00 (non-refundable after Sep. 1)
  • League Fee - $172.00 per league (non-refundable after Oct. 1)
  • Curl ON Fee - $17.50 (non-refundable after Oct. 1)
  • Building Levy, if applicable - $75.00 (non-refundable after Sep. 1)
  • Locker Fees - $40.00 (non-refundable after Oct. 1)

Additionally, the Board has approved a Special Assessment Fee of up to $272.00 per member, to be billed in October 2021 and which is payable by November 1st. This fee is meant to cover the anticipated shortfall between revenues and costs expected over the 2021/2022 fiscal year. The amount of this fee will be approved and communicated prior to billing in October. This fee will not be increased, but it may be reduced based on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the total number of members who participate in the regular curling season, and any grants or subsidies that reduce operating costs that we receive prior to billing.

The Special Assessment Fee will be automatically billed to members who pay the Base Fee and is non-refundable. That is, if you register and pay the Base Membership Fee, you are consenting to being charged the Special Assessment Fee at a later date. Members who do not pay either the Base Fee or Special Assessment Fee or both will not be considered Members of the Corporation and will lose their playing privileges.

Ensuring the Club’s financial stability through uncertain times until we can get back to ‘business as usual’ is the Board’s and Management's primary goal. It’s not our intention to make membership financially onerous, but we recognize the financial situation the Club is in. As members of the Oakville Curling Club, we’re asking for your support. While our hope is that the Special Assessment Fee will be as low as possible, we can’t guarantee that and, after a year in which the Club experienced a significant cash loss, we need to make sure we operate at least at break-even.

Registration for the 21/22 season will open next week!

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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