Summer League will return in 2023 with a brand new arena floor!

Please contact the Club office if you have any questions.

**NEW REGISTRATION PROCESS** - All players must create an OCC web account and register/pay individually.

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Registration for Summer League is over. Check back around March for next year's program

What we are all about...


  • Adult (17+)
    • Men's, Women's & Open 4s
    • Open Triples
    • Mixed & Open Doubles
  • Youth (U-20)
    • Open 4s


  • All leagues are Team entry only
    • **NEW** Each player must create an OCC account and register for their leagues individually
    • Returning team spots are owned by the person who registered the team in the previous year (i.e. 2019). Every effort will be made to accommodate returning teams as much as possible, but due to restrictions on gathering limits, we may not be able to accommodate you in your returning league. Returning team status will revert back to the 2019 Summer League standings when things go back to normal.
  • The team roster is requested at the time of registration, however, teams may field different players at any time
    • Spares who are not already registered in Summer League will be required to complete an in-person check-in before their first game
  • Adult leagues are for players 17+ years of age
  • Youth leagues are for players 19 years of age and younger as of June 30, 2021.


  • Open to all curlers - Oakville Curling Club fall/winter membership is NOT required. 


  • Starting August 9th, 2021
  • Leagues play 6 games each
  • No curling on Thursday, September 2nd (Oakville Tankard) and Monday, September 6th (Labour Day)

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Click the image for the Summer League schedule


  • Registration opens May 10th
  • Registration link is located at the bottom of this page
  • Registration for a league does not guarantee entry; registrant teams will be assessed for Returning Team Status and teams will be notified if there is room in a league or if they are to be placed on the waitlist
  • Individual players are encouraged to register for their preferred league(s) and also utilize the Free Agents and Spares lists to find a team

Allocation of League Spots:

  • Priority is given to returning teams until July 1st for the league they played in the previous summer (2019)
  • Returning teams who want to switch leagues are given next priority to switch into their preferred league should a spot be available; please notify the Club of your intention to switch leagues
  • New teams will be wait listed until returning teams are allocated their spot
  • New teams can register at any time and will be notified of their entry status in early July


  • We are not taking payment for Summer League at this time
  • Players will be invoiced if/when the decision to proceed with Summer League is made
  • Payment can be made by VISA or MasterCard only




DRAWS & FEES:  *League Descriptions below*

 TimeLeagueAdult/Youth# of Teams# of Spots Available# of WeeksFee/Team
(incl. HST)
Monday 6:30pm
Open 4s  Youth 8 2 6 $360.00 No curling Mon, Sep 6 
(Labour Day)
9:00pm Open Doubles Adult 12 Waitlist 6 $240.00
Tuesday 6:30pm Learn-2-Curl More information available soon
9:00pm Open 4s Adult 8 Waitlist 6 $360.00  
Mixed Doubles Adult 8 Waitlist 6 $240.00  
Wednesday 6:30pm Men's 4s Adult 16 Waitlist 6 $360.00  
9:00pm Open 4s Adult 12 Waitlist 6 $360.00  
Thursday 6:30pm Women's 4s Adult 10 Waitlist 6 $360.00 No curling Thu, Sep 2 (Bonspiel) 
Mixed Doubles Adult 6 Waitlist 6 $240.00 
9:00pm Open Triples Adult 10 Waitlist 6 $315.00


Open Doubles

Open Doubles leagues are open to any combination of genders and are geared toward teams and players who are playing doubles at a recreational level or trying to learn the game. Try doubles curling for the fastest, most active format of the game!

  • Adult
    • 2 players | 17 or older | any combination of genders
    • Monday at 9:00pm
    • $280.00/team | $140.00/player
Mixed Doubles

Mixed Doubles leagues are for more competitive teams who may be interested in playing in a regular season mixed doubles league, or in bonspiels or playdowns. Select this league if you are interested in challenging yourself in more competitive games.

  • Adult
    • 2 players | 17 or older | 1 male & 1 female per team
    • Tuesday at 9:00pm  | Thursday at 6:30pm
    • $280.00/team | $140.00/player
Open Triples

Triples curling is an exciting new discipline for players interested in trying a new, more active format of the game. All ends consist of 6 rocks per team, with each player throwing 2 rocks. Tentative rules can be found here (, but these may be modified depending on participant feedback.

  • 3 players | 17 or older | any combination of genders
  • Thursday | 9:00pm
  • $367.50/team | $122.50/player
Open 4s

Traditional 4-player curling with an open format. Select an Open League to play with whoever you like! Great to get in shape for the regular club season! 

  • Adult
    • 4 players | 17 or older | 1 male & 1 female per team
    • Tuesday at 9:00pm  | Wednesday at 9:00pm
    • $420.00/team | $105.00/player
  • Youth
    • 4 players | 19 or younger | any combination of genders
    • Monday at 6:30pm
    • $420.00/team | $105.00/player

Note: Teams may be restricted to 1-sweeper, depending on public health guidelines.

Men's & Women's 4s

Traditional 4-player curling with a single-gender format. Men's and Women's Leagues are designed with more competitive teams in mind. Great to get in shape for the regular club season! 

  • Men
    • 4 players | 17 or older | Men only (women's players/teams may register for the Men's League)
    • Wednesday at 6:30pm
    • $420.00/team | $105.00/player
  • Women
    • 4 players | 17 or older | Women only
    • Thursday at 6:30pm
    • $420.00/team | $105.00/player

Note: Teams may be restricted to 1-sweeper, depending on public health guidelines.

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