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Thursday Evening Unexpected Guests

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and apologize to our Thursday evening members who were inconvenienced last evening. We had a very unusual circumstance happen and we stuck out a hand to help those that have patronized us for the last 11 years. The Kurl for Kids (K4K) annual event was having its pre-event banquet at the Holiday Inn Oakville, where all the celebrity skips get matched up with their respective teams. As well, the top fund raisers are recognized for their unselfish dedication to raise funds for the Sandra Schmirler Foundation. This event, single handedly, has raised over $3 million dollars for neo natal research and development.

Unfortunately, there was a fire at the Holiday Inn just as their banquet was about to start. The whole hotel had to be evacuated while the six trucks attended to the laundry fire.

Bill Garner, the convenor of the event, called me and asked if there was anyway, they could come to the Oakville Curling Club. In a heartbeat our answer was yes. It was a refuge for all their participants to come to an environment where they feel welcome and comfortable.

It was chaos in the lounge just after 8pm. 140 unexpected guests joining the 64 men coming off the early draw and 64 men arriving for their evening draw. The line-up was deep. We even had convenors and directors offering to assist at the bar. Which is what I love about this club...people willing to assist in a moments notice.

Yes, yours truly donned an apron and started slinging beers. We did our absolute best to make up for an unfortunate situation.

I would like to thank our bartenders, Lisa and Stephanie, for being resilient and enduring what was supposed to be a fairly routine Thursday night. This will go down in the laurels of cool things that have happened in this club.

Thank you again to all the Thursday Night Men’s members that had to wait a little longer to get their pre and post-game beverages.

Good curling to all.

Ian Tetley
General Manager|Oakville Curling Club


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